Cebu & Noy Jopson

Late last year we had the privilege of visiting Cebu.  First stop was Bantayan Island.

From Mactan, we took a 3 hour bus ride and then another hour ride on the Ro-ro (Roll on-Roll off). It was almost sunset when we arrived *sigh of relief* at Sta. Fe, Bantayan.

The next morning I woke up early to this view.  It was so peaceful.

Thankful for the silence.

No Cebu vacation is complete without a danggit (dried fish) breakast.

Afterwards we headed to the beach in front of our hotel.  There Joy and Gab had an arnis workout.
For hydration we ordered fresh buko (coconut) juice.  A local lady passed by the beach and offered us some corn on the cob.  Delicious combination.  All fresh, 100% no preservatives.
Of course we did not forget to run.  We ran on the beach, ran to the market, and ran to the restaurant.  The pedicab, which was the main mode of transportation in Sta. Fe, did not get any business from us.  Sorry!
The next day went to the Virgin Island, a 45-minute boat ride.  There we snorkeled and I actually came face to face with a sea snake!  I panicked and swam as fast as I could back to the boat.  I only breathed a sigh of relief when I saw our boatman laughing hard and said that it was a kind of snake that didn’t bite.  Whew!  That was close.

Bantayan dinner: Grilled squid with lemon-butter sauce. Unforgettable!


And so we got tired of the island life and went back to the city.  In the bus, Joy said that she would love to bump into Noy Jopson.  It would really be the highlight of her Cebu trip.  Bump into Noy Jopson?  What are the odds?  Cebu is very big!

So came Sunday morning. J-Cip and Joy woke up early to run in the Techno Park.  But when they were at the lobby of the hotel, she realized that they have forgotten to bring their camera but J-Cip didn’t want to go back up to the room.

After running for a while Joy saw J-Cip (who ran way ahead of her), talking to somebody.  It was the one and only (drumroll please) NOY JOPSON!  And they didn’t have their camera with them!!!  (By the way, Noy Jopson is J-Cip’s friend from way back.) Joy was so excited to meet him yet at the same time very disappointed because she didn’t get her all-time wish to have a photo with him.  Awww! 😦
When we came back to Manila, I saw Runner’s World magazine January issue with Noy and Amele on the cover! I really felt bad for Joy.  We should plan another Cebu trip, only to get her that photo with Noy 🙂


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