My First 16K Run: PSE Bull Run 2012

January 2012.  My first run for the year was the PSE Bull Run at the Bonifacio Global City.  I signed up for the 10K distance.  But my sister, who signed up for the 16K wanted to exchange bibs with me.   Was I ready?  So far I have only run two 10K races.   So I thought, “New year, new distance, new challenge!”

 The route was from the Bonifacio Global City to Buendia Avenue and back.  It was my first time to run on the Buendia flyover.  Lots of firsts for me!

Hats off to the organizer of this run.  There were a lot of hydration stations with abundant water and Pocari Sweat.  There was also a station with bananas.  I actually ate two.  haha!  I was always hungry. Thank you!
Bananas for 16 and 21K runners

For this run I followed Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method.  My interval was 2 minutes run and 1 minute walk.  I actually liked it.  I didn’t get tired at all.  Note to self:  must train on 3:1 interval.

It was a cold January morning.  I took off my ipod and let my mind wander about the year that has just past.  I said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for His goodness, and for giving me a healthy mind and body.
10 miles !

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