Joggers Club: Island Cove, Kawit

If you live in Imus or in Kawit, Cavite, Island Cove is one of more decent and safe places to run.  You can use its 1.6 km loop Jogger’s Lane along the perimeter of the main island.

I noticed that the management is careful to maintain the coconut trees so that they are devoid of fruits.  Otherwise it would be a very dangerous running path!

Coconut tree-lined path
just one of the birds on the island
I also enjoy running on the island in the afternoons or early evenings.  I get to see the changing hues of the sky before sunset.  It’s so peaceful.  I can just run, relax and release all the day’s tension and stress.
running parallel to the Manila Bay

One time, my husband and I took a walk at 9:00 in the evening.  There was live band music coming from one of the restaurants.  It was playing our favorite songs.  What a treat!  We really enjoyed the walk and the music!

If you plan to run here regularly, may I suggest that you get a Joggers Club id.  It’s only P300/year for the use of the Jogger’s Lane.

Whenever possible, I run around the island.  But sometimes when the sun is already out and it gets too hot to run outside, I just use the hotel’s treadmill.


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