Braving the Summer Heat But Not the Zombies

Lately I have been running indoors on the treadmill because the summer heat here in Manila is really unbearable!

But yesterday I decided to brave the heat.  I went outside and ran.

I went to Filinvest in Alabang near the Palms Country Club.  I like running there because the roads are closed to traffic. But yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to see many cars parked there.

The security guard told me that they were holding a running event:  Running Dead 2012.  Oh, ok.  I watched them for a while.  The racers had flags around their waists.  They went though obstacles and the “running dead” or zombies tried to capture their flags.  The objective was to get to the finish line with at least one flag left.
running away from the zombies
sprinting zombie (in green) with a very nice running posture!
It seemed that the racers enjoyed the run, but that kind of event was not for me.  I like running but I never want to be chased by humans, by animals, or in this case, by the running dead!  So I just stayed on my side of the road and ran in peace.

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