Hot Run: Hyundai Fun Run 2012

Pardon the blur but that was how my vision was like, too!

I barely just survived.

Written on my bib was Wave B for the 10k run and gunstart was at 5:05am.  They closed Roxas Boulevard at 4:30am and coming from the South, I had to take the service road.  There was already a traffic build-up after the Vito Cruz intersection. Parking was another issue.  Unfortunately, I missed the gunstart by 15 minutes.  Not good.

Anyway, when I started running, the stress of the early morning traffic, looking for a parking space, and missing the gunstart slowly disappeared.  Hearing the constant rhythm of my feet pounding the boulevard pacified me and watching the runners with their colorful singlets made me cheerful.  
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After several minutes running, the sun was up and it was getting really hot.  The scorching summer heat plus the body heat of thousands of runners equaled a slow run for me.  I just couldn’t bear it.  I wanted to faint in the heat or maybe take my shirt off, but no! that would be public scandal.  lol.

At last, the finish line!  Was I ever glad to see it!  And it came with a bonus – a fire truck showering the runners with cool water.  Thank you!  I don’t know how long I stayed there, but I was soaking wet when I left.  Again, thanks for the cool down.
Hyundai Fun Run 2012 was my husband’s first run.  I didn’t force him to join but when I asked if he wanted to run, he said yes.  He ran the 5k and he enjoyed it.  He even said we would like to run again.  I guess he was bitten by the running bug and I think it’s really great!  Yay! 🙂
Thank you Hyundai for this free run.  Two thumbs up for you!

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