Enrolled! Mizuno RUN Academy

July will mark my first anniversary as a runner.  And to make it a memorable one, I enrolled myself to the Mizuno Run Academy Module 1.  The course:  The Science of Running.  Discover the key to efficiency and endurance with Coach Patrick Joson of Jump Start .

I want to learn how I can improve my form, breathing, and speed.  You know, as a newbie I still run at snail’s speed up to now. lol.  I’m sure there’s a lot to correct in the way I run.  That is why I enrolled so that things can be adjusted and I won’t be off track.

Anyway,  for the first two sessions we will learn about the Basics of Pose Method and the Maffetone Method.  I know we can read books and watch videos on You Tube about the two methods but I want to listen to Coach Patrick.  I’m sure he has a lot of valuable insights that can truly equip me.  I’m hoping that by the end of the module,  I would know how to run with a better posture and in a scientific, more efficient way.

Of course, this module will be a great encouragement and motivation for me to continue running for the next years to come.


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