Mizuno Run Academy Alabang – 2nd Session

It has stopped raining in Alabang.  Our Mizuno Run Academy class met at the corner of Filinvest and  Parkway Avenues.  First we reviewed the Pose Method and then Coach Patrick discussed about the Maffetone Method. Everything is scientific based.
Pose review
Coach explains the Maffetone method
The night was cool and foggy, perfect for a nice run.  So after the lecture, we ran around the Palms Country Club.  While running, we would ask questions and Coach would answer, explain, and demonstrate.  At times he corrected our running forms.  
Some pointers:
  • Do not land on your heel with a straight leg.  Land at the ball of our foot. 
  • Be sure that the body’s GCM is in line with the ball of our foot when landing.
  • Bend the knees and make shorter strides for uphill and downhill running.
  • Use hamstrings to pull the leg up.  Keep the quads relaxed.
  • Shake off muscle tension on neck, shoulders and back.
  • Don’t lean from the waist, lean from the ankles.
  • Keep elbows at a 90 degree angle with shoulders down and relaxed.
  • We should not feel any sharp pain.

We ran in intervals starting from one minute run, one minute walk until we reached eight minutes run, one minute walk. We ran this way because our body can slowly adapt to the stress.  Rest and recovery are also very important.  One of the benefits of aerobic activity such as running is that it improves our body’s ability to make energy-rich molecules (ATP) using the respiration process. This is progressive adaptation. 
It was emphasized that we really have to to make time to build up foundation first for endurance, then for strength, and lastly for speed.  
Photo credit: Jump Start (Facebook)
 For hydration, Gatorade provided us ice-cold drinks.  
Photo credit: Jump Start (Facebook)
I learned a lot this evening.  I’m looking forward to our next meeting next Friday.

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