A New Pair of Shoes Got Me Out of Bed

For the past two weeks my training motivation was at an ultimate low.  I didn’t have the desire or energy to get up in the morning and run outside.  On my bedside table are running books and magazines.  Sometimes I just read about running to lessen my guilt for not training.  I think I read more about running than actually doing it.  I don’t know if this was due to the gloomy weather, hormonal changes, or pure laziness.  Sigh.

But I knew one fool-proof way to get me out of that dark phase: shopping!

So I dragged myself to Mizuno in Alabang and bought a pair of running shoes.  I got the Mizuno Wave Rider 15.  I have read a number of good reviews about the Wave Rider series.  And because I am an enrollee of the Mizuno Run Academy, they gave me a special discount. 🙂  Thank you!

And I’m off.

And just like magic, my new pair of shoes got me out of bed. 😀

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