36th Milo Eliminations 2012: Eliminated and Won

Yesterday was a happy day for me.

My sister and I ran a half mary at the Milo Marathon 2012 Eliminations.  Before gun start at 4:30am we saw Mr. Runningshield, Patrick Concepcion.  He was kind enough to have his photo taken with us.

sandi’s diaries with runningshield and the deadly dance

The morning was cold, windy, and storm Gener was up over the Metro.  Fortunately, it wasn’t raining when the race started.  It was perfect.

The 21K route:  from iMax in MOA to Macapagal, right to CCP, left to Roxas Boulevard, then U-turn at the US Embassy.  Then all the way to the end of Roxas Boulevard passing through two flyovers: Buendia and EDSA.  Then U-turn in front of the Bay View Tower and then back to MOA after passing EDSA and Buendia flyovers, CCP and Macapagal.

On my way up the EDSA flyover, I saw Mr. Runningshield already on his way back.  That was how far ahead he was from me.  He reached out his hands and gave me three claps and said, “Go, go!”  What a guy 🙂 You see, here in Manila, nobody lines up the streets to cheer the runners.  His little act of kindness had a great effect on me. Thank you, Sir!

On my way back, in front of Baclaran, the sky broke open and it rained!  The downpour was so heavy and I was soaked.  I even had to wring out the water from my cap.  It was my first time to run in the rain and I liked it, save for the puddles at the bottom of the Buendia flyover.

I finally crossed the finish line but I didn’t make it to the cut-off time.  I was eliminated but it didn’t matter to me.  I shaved off 14 minutes from my PR!  I finished the course and I beat my PR – I am a winner.

Yesterday’s run made me in tune with my weaknesses.  It taught me that it will take years of hard work and training to get the best version of myself.  Like Mr. Runningshield who has been running for the past 32 years, maybe someday, I could also run as fast as him.

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