Mizuno Run Academy: My Own Training Program

Despite the rains, the Alabang group of the Mizuno Run Academy met last Friday, July 27.  It was the last session before our 10K graduation run on August 11.  Coach Patrick taught us how to make training programs before we were “released” on our own.

The class was divided into groups and each group was assigned a different projection, a target finish time for a specific distance.  The projections were for the long, slow distance runs necessary for building an aerobic fitness foundation.

The training projections were divided into 3 sections:  warm-up, main set, and cool down.  Warm-up is usually 10% of the total work out time and the cool down is at 5%.  That means 85% is for the main set.  We were encouraged to make our own projections when training.  That way, we can know our weak points and adjust the drills.  Remember, we should not exceed our aerobic heart rate while still building the “base”.

The rains stopped and went out for a 30-minute run.  It was different from our previous sessions because that time, it was the students’ turn to lead.  Coach ran at the back of the group.

Students’ turn to lead
After the run, Coach reminded us to always hydrate not only when we feel thirsty. Hydrate every 15-20 minutes to replenish lost electrolytes and to cool down the body’s temperature.
One final “POSE”

*Thank you Jump Start Movement for the photos.


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