No Meat 30-Day Challenge: Perfect Greek Salad

Day 4

Ever since this 30 day challenge began, all I did was think about food!  Is it terribly unhealthy to dream about food? lol.

This afternoon I craved for some Greek salad so I went to Cyma Greek Taverna at the Alabang Town Center.  It took me a while to order, there were too many yummy choices on the menu.  Finally I ordered Roka Salata, their best seller salad.

Fresh arugula, chopped romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, candied walnuts and shaved parmigiano reggiano with traditional Greek vinaigrette.  Oh my, it was supper yummy!  I can seriously have that everyday.  The salad was PERFECT!  I wonder if I can make that at home.

Soooo goood!

On my way home I stopped by a road-side fruit stand and bought some bananas and rambutan.

Sweet and juicy!

I’m actually enjoying this No Meat 30 Day Challenge.  I realized that “no meat” doesn’t have to be boring after all.


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