No Meat 30-Day Challenge: Aloo Palak

My husband likes to read the newspaper, not only to read the news but also to read about restaurant/food reviews. Some time ago he read about a restaurant in BF Paranaque called Al-Shams, a Pakistani, Indian and Middle Eastern restaurant.  This evening he had cravings for biryani and thankfully, we were around the area so we looked for the resto. We found it along Aguirre Avenue.  It was small, quiet, and with nice interiors.

My husband told me to wait in the car so he could check if they served vegetarian dishes.  And they did! 🙂  It was amazing that the menu had a nice selection for vegetarians and the prices were also very reasonable.  The waiter, Jun, was very knowledgeable and he was kind enough to explain the food to us.

Vegetarian dishes on the menu 🙂

For starters we had papadum.  Thin crisp crackers made of dough seasoned with chili, garlic, and black pepper.  They gave us 3 dips: garlic, mango chutney, and tamarind.  The garlic dip was my favorite.

crisp papadum

For the main dish my husband ordered mutton biryani for him and aloo palak for me.

aloo palak

Biryani is fragrant basmati rice cooked with spices and rich curry sauce topped with onions and raisins. The serving was very generous.

Aloo Palak is potato and spinach cooked in curry sauce and blended with herbs and spices.  It was so good!  Spicy and very flavorful.  I ate it with half a cup of the biryani (without the mutton, of course).  Yum!

Biryani cravings satisfied.  Enjoyed the aloo palak.

We are both happy. 🙂


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