6 Things I’ve Learned in My No Meat 30-Day Challenge

Oooh it’s August 31st.  That means yesterday was the last day of my challenge!  The challenge was not to eat meat (includes beef, pork, chicken, and fish) for 30 days.  It proved to be a real challenge because my husband and 2 boys are meat lovers.  Read my first entry HERE.

Here’s the list of 6 things I learned in this challenge:

1.  Starting a challenge is exciting, but halfway through you need a lot of support from friends and family.  Day 16: I texted my sister Joy to tell her that I wanted to quit.  Her reply was a violent “NO!”  She encouraged me to keep going.

2.  Variety is the key.  I realized that I got tired halfway through this challenge because I was eating the same dishes over and over again.  So I tried different dishes, some of which I haven’t tasted before this challenge.  I also bought new cookbooks and planned my menu for the week.  It’s all about trying something new!

3.  I can influence the way my family eats.  Our pantry and fridge got an overhaul.  Now we have more fruits and veggies.

I made fruit smoothies (no added sugar) for my boys and they loved it!  One time I made bell peppers and cucumber smoothie.  My son asked me what was in it and when I told him, he said, “Tastes good”.  House favorite is the mango-banana smoothie.

4.  Going through the challenge takes a lot discipline and self control.  When Zamboanga crabs were served in my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner,  I looked away. 😦  It was hard.  I remembered the running quotation I learned “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever”.  It was amazing how my running discipline helped me in this challenge.

5.  A 30-Day Challenge is habit forming.  Even though I knew that the challenge has ended, this morning I still made vegetable dumplings for breakfast.  I think I’m going to continue eating more fruits and vegetables from now on.  I’m not sure if I still want to eat beef or pork but I want to add fish and chicken back into my diet.

veggie dumplings

6. Finishing this challenge was like crossing the finish line of a race. The feeling was very rewarding.  Instead of a medal at the finish line,  my reward was a 6-lb weight loss! It’s truly remarkable because I have been trying to lose weight this past year by running.  I didn’t lose a single pound, instead I gained 4 more.  Therefore, 6 lbs. in 30 days is really a big deal for me.  I’m so happy 🙂


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