TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Registration Frenzy

All it took was this poster to make me want to wake up before 5am and go online!


August 31, Friday.  My sister decided to sleep over in my house because I have fast internet signal.  We were going to register for the 4th TBR Dream Marathon!  There were only 600 slots so we CANNOT be late.  

September 1, Saturday, 4:50am.  My sister and I were both in front of our laptops.  We were ready.  Then The Bull Runner website shut own due to high traffic.  Oh wow.  We waited.  Then an announcement from Jaymie’s Facebook page: 

TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Reservation Update: Online reservation has been moved to SEPT 1, 12NOON. Our server shut down due to high traffic this morning. We don’t want all of you hooked to the computer all morning so go back to sleep or go out and run for now. Thank you for understanding.”

At 12 noon we were online but the site crashed again.  Then the 2nd announcement from Jaymie:

“TBR Dream Marathon 2013 Reservation Update No. 2: Sincerest apologies to all who tried to reserve online. We are postponing online reservation again to SEPT 2, SUNDAY, 12NOON. Our server shut down AGAIN despite our increased bandwidth due to high traffic. We hope you understand and reserve online again tomorrow. Thank you!”

Oh my!  How many runners want to grab the limited slots?  

After lunch, my brother-in-law picked up my sister.  They went home.  

September 2, Sunday. At exactly 12 noon, the registration opened.  My hands were very cold.  I typed as fast as my trembling fingers allowed me.  I finally submitted my form.  Then I got a text from my sister that she already submitted hers, too!  After that we registered for my brother and for our good friend from Cebu.  Yay!  We just had to wait until Tuesday for the master list of reserved runners.  Jaymie announced that all slots were sold out in 32 minutes!  I hoped we typed fast enough.

September 4, Tuesday.  The master list was released.  Did we make it?  Yes!  All 4 of us.  It was like passing the board exams.  We were so happy! 🙂  They increased the number of slots to 750 and all slots were sold out in 48 minutes.  Incredible!

September 9, Sunday.  After the Mizuno graduation, we went to church and then headed to ROX in BGC to pay the registration fee.  

It’s official.



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