2nd Bull Circle:The Right Technique for an Efficient and Pain-Free Marathon

2nd Bull Circle
Last night, my husband was kind enough to drive me to Ortigas so I could attend the 2nd Bull Circle. You see, we live in the South and it took us almost 2 hours to get there.  Anyway, it was all worth it.  The speakers came prepared and the lectures were very informative and practical.
First, Hector Yuzon of Secondwind Running Store talked about the proper running gear and how important it is to get the correct shoes for running.  Buying the correct shoes for one’s unique foot type or gait will help prevent injuries, make training more efficient and enjoyable.  I might go back to Ortigas to visit his store.  Running shoes are not cheap and I wouldn’t want to make a bad purchase, right?
Hector Yuzon
Next, Coach Lit presented The Right Technique for an Efficient and Pain-Free Marathon.  “Form is foundation,” he emphasized.  It is important to learn the proper form for safe, sustainable, and stable running.  To make it easier to remember, he used the key words Lengthen, Lean, Lift, and Cadence.  I will let the photos speak for themselves (sorry about the blur).
Incorrect Lean-Correct Lean
Incorrect Lean-Correct Lean
Coach Lit demonstrates “leaning”

Lift (Relax):

Hard Landing-Relaxed Landing
After teaching us the proper form, he stressed the importance of the run-walk method.

Why do we want to have walk breaks?  We do them because walk breaks can

  • Help conserve energy so you can run longer
  • Allow your run muscles to recover as walking muscles are slightly different from running muscles
  • Delay the onset of fatigue or “hitting the wall”
  • Allow you to control your race and not the race controlling you
How to do a walk break:
  • Do it early, often, and regularly. Walk even if you are not tired.
  • Walk mindfully
  • Reset during walks.  Keep your heart rate low.
  • Ease into it and ease out of it
  • When exhausted, walk before you have to
Why do the run-walk method:
  • It’s easier on the body.  Soreness is lessened and recovery is faster.
  • It allows you to safely add distance and speed
  • It makes running more enjoyable and prevents training burn out 🙂
In the end, Coach Lit encouraged us to just continue with the training program, to be mindful of our running forms, and to enjoy the training.
*Notes were taken from TBR 2nd Bull Circle as I understood the lectures and not verbatim by the speakers.
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