TBR Dream Team Run

My sisters and I joined the The Bull Runner Team Run last Saturday at Nuvali.  Each team was composed of 3 runners.  At least 1 of the 3 runners must be a TBRDM alumnus or TBRDM 2013 registered participant.  Teams were encouraged to be in team uniforms or costumes.  “Be creative! There’s a prize for best costume.” While other teams came as super heroes, bumblebees, kings, and ballerinas, our team decided to wear “black”.  LAME!  Haha!  Well, we did wear colorful caps that matched our bibs.  So there! 🙂

The course was 21K, around Nuvali.  One word that can describe the Nuvali course:  DIFFICULT.  The hills, hard cement road, and no trees for shade.  But I totally enjoyed the downhill run around the 7th to the 10th kilometer.  You can imagine what came next after the U-turn:  Uphill!  To be honest, that was where I suffered the most.  If there was a way for me to skip that part, I would be a very, very happy runner.  But on hindsight, I overcame that part.  I guess there’s a sense of accomplishment in that.

Running with a team was fun but at the same time hard.  My teammates had to wait for me as I used the toilet…and there was a long line!  But my sisters were kind and did not show any frustration with me for the wasted minutes.  Thanks for waiting!

Before the run, I wanted to back out because my monthly period started.  But since it was a team run, I just couldn’t abandon my teammates.  So I just decided to concentrate on running and tried hard not to bleed to death 🙂  But by the 19th kilometer, I was spent.  I was tired and hungry!  Oh then an angel came, a TBR staff holding a bag of pandesal.  Thank you so much for sharing!  That small piece of bread  gave me the boost to finish what seemed to be the longest 3 kilometers ever!

Our finish line photo:

Thanks Randy for this photo

The course we ran was the same one TBRDM 2012 ran.  Only, they ran it 2 times.  Oh no!  How can I run last Saturday’s course twice in February?  Now I’m scared.  This calls for consistent training not only of the body but most of all of the mind.  Note to self:  think positive!

After Nuvali, we all headed to Teofely Gardens in Silang for an overnight stay, an extended birthday celebration for my dad’s 71st birthday.  When we came, this greeted me:

Clean, soft, white bed…just the way I like it.  I slept the whole afternoon 🙂  What a day!


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