FitFil: Dragon Boat 101 Fun

I really enjoyed FitFil’s Dragon Boat 101 last Sunday.

It was an optional activity for FitFil (Fit Filipinos) participants but my siblings and I decided to join anyway.  We were assigned to Team 4, scheduled for 9-10 in the morning.  Coaches from the Triton Dragon Boat Racing Team taught us the basics of dragon boat paddling.  First, the parts of the paddle, then the basic positions of paddling.  “This is easy,” I thought.  Then we loaded the boat.  That was the difficult part.  Since all of us were first-timers, we had a hard time balancing the boat.  I thought we would tip over!  Anyway, after all members of our team were seated, we slowly headed out to the open water.

Our coach taught us the correct way of paddling, where and how to sit on the boat, and where to position our legs.  One by one, she tested us and corrected our forms.  It was different when we practiced it on land.  She really pushed our bodies so we could have a strong pull of the paddle.

Now for the fun part.  Teams 3 and 4 were ready to race!  “Ready! Paddles up! Go!” We paddled and paddled as hard as we could being careful to move as one unit.  The team had to paddle at the same time so that the boat would move faster.  Finally, the finish line.  It was a close race.  Guess who won?  Our team, of course! 🙂  Yipee!

Round 2?  Sure!  Our coach reminded us not to look at the other boat and to just concentrate on paddling.  “Ready. Paddles Up! Go!” Again, we paddled like there’s no tomorrow.  Our team moved as one.  We were half-a-boat ahead of the other team.  We won again! 🙂

Thanks Triton and thanks Fitfil.  It was really F-U-N!

*Photos by Bryan Sy Batbatan


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