Flu? Oh No!

I missed today’s 5th and last Bull Session at BGC.  Yesterday I kept debating with myself whether to go or not. You see, last Monday I caught the flu bug. It’s a month before my first marathon and I got sick! Waaa! 😦

So I restrained myself to stay in bed and get a lot of rest.  I knew that forcing myself to run will do me more harm than good.  I drank a lot of ginger tea or salabat which was said to have healing properties for colds and sore throats.  In a pot, I boiled some water and peeled ginger.  I didn’t use sugar.  Ooh so spicy!

Hot and spicy salabat

I feel better now but I’m taking it easy.  I hope by next week my body will be A-ok and running like a well-oiled machine.

Stay healthy!


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