TBRDM Send-off Party

The Bull Runner and Unilab Active Health hosted the TBR Dream Marathon 2013 send-off party last Wednesday.
I picked up Jehan from her office and drove straight to the airport to pick up our friend Rex, who flew in from Cebu just to attend the party.  The three of us headed to Pasig City.

We made our way to the Bayanihan Center and saw hundreds of runners picking up race kits, eating, buying souvenir shirts, and taking pictures in their shirts and race bibs.  Everyone was excited.  As for me, reality has set in and I was a nervous wreck.

Anyway, before the program started, we headed to the Gatorade booth and they asked each of us to give them a sample of our urine.  It was to determine if we were properly hydrating ourselves for D-Day.  My result was good.  I was properly hydrated.  🙂

Urine testing
Thanks Gatorade

When the program started, they gave us some last minute reminders about TBRDM and race director Neville Manaois explained the race route.  I did my longest run in Nuvali last February 2 and I know the hills and the very hard concrete roads make it a very difficult course.

Nuvali race course map

Anyway, the program was quite entertaining with hosts Tessa and Boy.

There were games and raffle prizes from the sponsors.  And guess what? Rex won a spibelt.  Woohoo!  I also won a spibelt.  And it’s pink!  It was my first time to ever win in a raffle.  🙂

In TBRDM, they let each finisher cut the tape.  Their tagline says “In TBR Dream Marathon, every runner who crosses the finish line is a winner.”  Macel Janeo of the TBR Dream Team said “See you at the finish line. Consider it done.” Thanks Macel, it will take a lot of faith to believe that. Haha!

After the send-off party, Rex gave me my pasalubong: dried mangoes, mango-tamarind candies, and Zubuchon, the famous lechon from Cebu.

I went home carrying all the loot that I got from the sponsors, the spibelt, and the goodies from Rex.  I already felt like a winner!

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