Tagaytay Trip with the Toothfairies

It’s four days before TBRDM and it’s all I think about.  There are running books and magazines on my bedside table, in my office, and in my bathroom! Even my laptop has a TBR sticker. Everywhere I go there’s something to remind me about D-Day.

So let me interrupt my TBRDM posts with a quick post not related to running.

Last week, on Valentine’s day, I went out with my college girlfriends.  We call ourselves “the toothfairies”.  The five of us headed south to Tagaytay for a day of R and R.  Madel, who works in Saudi Arabia, came home for a three-week vacation with her husband Ed.  It was really nice catching up with her.  Her stories about the Saudi culture amazed me.  It was interesting how Ed would treat a female orthodontics patient with out seeing her face.  He can only see her mouth!  But women are allowed to show their face to women. So Madel would describe to him the patient’s face so he can correct the her facial profile.

Anyway, we drove around Tagaytay and we found the Puzzle Mansion.  It holds the Guinness World Record of the largest collection of puzzles made by a single person.  That lady surely had a lot of free time in her hands. It made me want to finish one…but nah!  🙂

Leah, Judith, Cris, Madel and me
To date, her largest puzzle is made up of 18,000 pieces which took her 1,095 hours to finish!  The guide told us she’s currently finishing a bigger one.  Wow!
click to enlarge
18,000-piece puzzle
By the way, I learned that in Saudi, women are not allowed to drive.  Here, Madel volunteered to be our “driver”. 🙂
Free ride?

When we left the Puzzle Mansion, we saw a beautiful pineapple field.  So we stopped to buy some.  A Tagaytay trip won’t be complete without some road-side shopping, right?

Ed joined us for dinner and when we finally got out of the resto at 9 P.M., it was windy and the fog was so thick!  Brr! It was COLD! I loved it but maybe I should have brought my jacket.
We had lots of laughs and had a wonderful time. And the crisp, cool air was what I needed to feel refreshed and happy.  Tagaytay is just so beautiful.
When I reached home, my husband surprised me with a bouquet of roses.  What a nice ending to cap off a perfect day. 🙂
Bon voyage Ed and Madel! See you again next year.
*Some photos by Madel

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