This is it!

There is no turning back.  I’ve done my training.

On Sunday I’m going to push my body where it has never gone before:  I’m going to run my first marathon! Am I tough enough to go through this?  Jaymie, The Bull Runner, and organizer of this event, has been sending encouraging emails since Wednesday.  Her emails contain quotes or what she calls “bullish thoughts” that I will bring as baon on race day.  Let me share them with you:

“Training for a marathon is an act of faith.  Actually running the marathon is an act of courage.  With faith and courage, ordinary humans can accomplish great things!”  
– Randy Essex
“Marathoning provides you with a unique challenge.  It pushes your body to its limits, but above all, it challenges you to come to terms with yourself, your fears and your strengths.  Through the process you gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, if you are prepared to look. “
-Gary Elliott

Ask yourself: “Can I give more?” The answer is usually: “Yes”. 
-Paul Tergat
Thank you Jaymie!  🙂
Dream Big. Run Strong.

This is it!  See you at the finish line.


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