I’m In Bangkok!

Almost every year, Mon and I would fly here for a weekend of R and R. This time around, we brought the kids along. Bangkok is our favorite getaway because it is only a four-hour airplane ride from Manila. It’s the place for shopping, relaxing massages, and best of all- yummy food!

We usually come here before Christmas when the weather is cool.  But now, since it’s already summer, it’s really very H.O.T.  It was hard to go around the city.  The sun scored my skin.

It’s the kids’ first time in Bangkok so we did the tourist thing and went around some famous tourist spots…

Wat Pho

and rode the tuktuk.

In the afternoon I got really thirsty so I bought young coconut from a street vendor. It was sweet and ice cold.  Oh wow, it was sooo refreshing!

For lunch we had seafood padthai and fried oyster cake. The vegetables were crisp and the oysters fresh, I could almost taste the ocean.  Mmmm! Resistance was futile. 🙂

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