Black Toenail and a Challenge

When I showed my black toenail to my friend who is a doctor and an ultra-marathoner, she advised me to cut it to the shortest possible length.  I wanted to take her advise, after all she’s a skin, hair, and nail specialist but I was too chicken to try.  So there it remained, my black toenail, which was hanging by a thread from my toe.  Ghastly!

That toenail has prevented me from running for the past month.  Yep, my last run was already a month ago and it was a painful one.  I’ve had a black toenail before but it was a different case.  It didn’t hurt as much and it just discolored.  This time around, my toenail deformed and the sight of it made me sad.  I tried to camouflage by painting it with nail polish but it was still ugly. 😦

I saw my sisters at my parents house last weekend and they asked me why I was being lazy and not running.  So for motivation, Joy presented a challenge for the three of us.  First, each will put P3,000 (approx. US$75) to the pot. Mom agreed to add P1,000 for a total of P10,000.  On July 28, 37th Milo Elims, the three of us will all run 21kms. Whoever crosses the finish line first gets the pot money. Winner take all!  Our dad took pity on the two runners-up so he decided to give P1,000 each, consolation for effort.

“I’m going to beat them,” I thought.  But I was a bit worried because my foot hurt when I put on my running shoes. How can I start training?

Last night, out of sheer boredom, I finally decided to do it. I bravely cut my toenail the shortest possible and only 1/3 of it remained. It didn’t hurt at all and it might seem odd but my toe actually looked better without a toenail. Argh! It’s a real conversation stopper.  Haha! After that I ran for half an hour and it was surprisingly comfortable.

Be afraid my dear sistahs, my training begins today…with or without a toenail.


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