Post Marathon Blues

I don’t understand it.  When Joy finished her first marathon, it took her several months to finally stop talking about it.  She was on cloud nine for months but I on the other hand didn’t experience that.  Truth to be told, the next morning after running TBRDM I felt sad.  It’s not that finishing a marathon did not make me happy.  It did and I don’t regret running it. I was just not prepared for the aftermath. All of a sudden I had no goals to work towards nor a training plan to follow.  Someone said that it’s normal, temporary, and all part of recovery.

The marathon required a lot from my body and also from my mind.  I think I was tired mentally. I lost my desire for running, like it was suddenly extinguished.  Even when Joy presented that Milo challenge for us, still, my attitude towards running was not the same, like I hit “the wall” and can’t get through it.

Several weeks ago I tried running in Tahanan park again, because that was where I first started running.  I thought it would do me some good and revive that old feeling I had for running.  At first, my legs would not run, like they were on strike so I thought maybe I’ll just walk.  After walking several loops, I started running.  I felt like my lungs were about to burst.  It was really painful and hot!  I felt like I was dying.

Now what?  I couldn’t run so I began to train in the gym. I lifted weights.  Squats, bench press, barbell rows, overhead lifts, and dead lifts, all compound exercises that targeted large group of muscles.  I’ve been following a training plan, like the marathon training guide where we slowly increase the distance week after week.  For squats, I started with an empty barbell and this afternoon I was able to lift 70 lbs. I could feel that my shoulders, quads, and core are getting stronger.

Tomorrow I will join the Energizer Night Run only because I have a complimentary 10km bib from the organizer. I don’t know what to expect since lately I did very little running.  But I’m planning to have fun and I’m not putting any pressure on myself. I’m just hoping that tomorrow’s run will finally get me out of this slump.

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