Strength for Now

I finished the 10km race last Saturday night. And how was my time?  Not so great.  I was hoping that after crossing the finish line I’d be able to sing Paul Anka’s “Think I’m in love again, grinning that silly grin,” as I happily drive home. But there was no song.  It was just me in the car and my sweaty shirt sitting on the passenger seat.

Like in any love relationship, my love for running cannot be forced.

But I won’t give up. I’ll still run, even though not as much as before.  Who knows, in time I’ll find that spark again.

In the meantime, I enjoy lifting weights. I’ve been training for a month now and my husband already noticed a change in my appearance.  He said, “You look slimmer from the back.”  From the back?  I wish for the day when he’ll say “You look slimmer.” Period. Haha!
In the March 2011 issue of Runner’s World (Australian & New Zealand Ed.) there’s an article about how runners can shave off seconds from their PR’s by doing strength training.  The female model really caught my eye.  She looked great!  I love her shoulders, arms, and legs!  Wow.
Soon. LOL!
I spend an hour, three times per week in the gym. Olympic Coach John Cook believes that a runner should develop his whole-body strength to help keep a good running form and protect him from injury. He said, “If you’re just running, you’re developing only one thing: breathing.  Developing whole-body strength gives you “pop,” or speed, and the strength to summon it in the final stretch of a race.”

When I trained for my first marathon I did very little strength training.  So I guess it’s good that I’m lifting weights while I’m on this furlough.  Maybe I’ll surprise myself and get a new PR when I race again… someday.

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