A Fruity Afternoon

The day when my first son was born, my mother-in-law planted a mango tree in our backyard in honor of her first grandchild.  She did the same thing for my second son.  Now, several years later, we are enjoying the fruits of these trees.

This afternoon we harvested the last few mangoes.  We have already harvested some early this month, they are still green but are starting to ripen, so we decided to harvest them all.  They all looked nice and smelled so good. Tomorrow we will sell them in the market.

I helped by picking the ones I could reach from the ground…

and let the more experienced pick the ones that were harder to reach.

Be careful!

Beside our mango trees was a sineguelas or Spanish plum tree. Oh, the fruits were also starting to ripen and ready to be harvested. Sineguelas are my sister-in-law’s favorite so I just got a bowl-full and sent the rest to her.

Get those sineguelas before the birds eat them all 🙂

These make my heart happy:

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