Run United 2 10KM Race in Doodle Buddy

Blogathon 2013 Theme Day #1 – My Favorite Apps.

I actually have only one favorite which is the Doodle Buddy – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch – It’s Addictive!

I just downloaded this app last Saturday and I love it. I haven’t tried all the features yet, like the stamps and text box.  First, I just used my finger to draw but I liked it better when I used a stylus. I can spend hours on this app!

Below is my story about my 10km race last Sunday.  I didn’t have any photo taken during the run (Ok, there’s one, but I looked like I was dying in that photo) so I thought I’d just draw using Doodle Buddy.

5:15 am. The race corral was packed with runners. There were about 3,000 of us who were running the 10km race. Earlier the 32km and 21km races have already started. Wow, the runners were psyched and all set. The energy was contagious.

Just before gunstart, I heard the familiar question asked in all Run United races, “Are you READY?” and then the countdown began.  I jumped up and down from my spot.  I was ready!

That’s me in the orange shirt

Great start.  I paced myself well. I felt strong despite my lack of training.  For the past two months I did very little running, but I did a lot of strength training because I was going through a phase – runner’s blues that’s what they called it.  Despite the blues, I signed up for this race because I knew RU races were always well-organized and attended by thousands of runners.  I thought that should help me get back my love for running.

I focused on my run but then I began to feel tired at the 8km mark.  Nevertheless, I continued. Not finishing was not an option.

I have ran a number of RU races and I knew that from Macapagal Boulevard, we’d make a right turn on Seaside Boulevard and a left towards the finish line.  So when I made the right turn from Macapagal, I thought, “Oh wow, I’m going to beat my PR!  Woohoo!”(Wishful thinking.)  Then I made the left turn which I thought would be the last going to the finish line.  But where was the finish line?  It was on the other side of the road! I had to make one more U-turn.  Argh!  The new PR dream evaporated.

U-Turn up ahead

At last, the finish line.  The race was over.  Even if I didn’t set a new PR, I was still very happy.  My runner’s blues were gone… gone for good.


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