How to Avoid a DNFS

We have heard of DNF (Did Not Finish) and DNS (Did Not Start) in a race, but have you heard of DNFS?

Joy and J-Cip, decided to sleep over at my parent’s house (because it is near the race venue) the night before the Run United 2 race. J-Cip signed up for the 32km race while Joy for the 10km.

He left earlier as his race had a 3 a.m. gun start. She was to follow in a separate car at a later time.  But they didn’t know that her shoes were in J-Cip’s car!

Joy drove to MOA in her flip flops, and when she was about to change into her running shoes, she discovered that THEY WERE NOT IN HER BAG!  Oh no! She couldn’t race without her shoes.  Waa! She wasted her registration fee.  Oh well…

Resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t be racing one of the the country’s best races, Joy went to a coffee shop where she watched the race from afar. Aww. 😦

Still in her flip flops
After the race, we met up with J-Cip  and he said, “How was your race, Darling? You look so fresh!”  Of course she looked fresh, she was DNFS – Did Not Find Shoes! Haha. It was so funny, we had a good laugh.
Here’s how I avoid a DNFS.  The night before the race I prepare a checklist:
  • Running shoes
  • Socks
  • Shirt/Singlet
  • Shorts
  • Sports bra
  • Cap/Visor
  • Race number (bib) and safety pins
  • Timing chip
  • Watch
  • Toilet paper (not the whole roll!)
  • Money
  • Water to drink before the race
  • Hydration belt
  • Change of clothes (after the race)
How about you, what items are in your checklist?
*Thanks Joseph Nebrida for coining DNFS 🙂


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