Thunderstorms, Pizza, and a Dog

Early this evening there was a thunderstorm.  The downpour was heavy and then lightning struck in the nearby field.

The power went out. Oh no! I haven’t prepared dinner yet and I have to blog for day#16 of blogathon.

And then I had this bright idea to go to my mother-in-law’s. Her house was a block away from us and they had electricity!

The only problem was that my mother-in-law was in New Jersey for a vacation.  Hmm…We went anyway. We wanted needed electricity.

My sister-in-law arrived at the house at the same time we did.  She said, “Do you want pizza for dinner?”  Yay! The kids and I were happy. Yes, we’re free loaders. Haha.

We were happily chatting and eating when all of a sudden my sister-in-law’s dachshund jumped on to my hand. That dog was mad at me.
Ok, ok. I’ll stop eating. Even the dog knew that I should be on a diet.  Haha!

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