Why Do I Run

Why do you run?  What motivates you?

As thousands of runners line up before a race, I often ask myself, “What motivates these people to run? What drives them?” I’m sure each one will have a different answer.

I just recently learned that there are actually two kinds of motivation.

First, when we want to avoid pain or something unpleasant, that is what you call “away from” motivation. For example, “I run so that I don’t become hypertensive.” The motivation is to avoid becoming hypertensive.

The second type is achieving a goal or what is called “towards” motivation.  This is when we are driven to do something enjoyable or gratifying.  For example, “I run to qualify for the Milo finals.” You are driven to be successful.

When I first started running, it was because my doctor told me so.

  • I run for good health.
  • I run because I’m thankful that I can run.
  • I run because I have the opportunity to do so and I’m enjoying it while I still can.

Yesterday, I saw this Gatorade poster of Coach Ani de Leon-Brown.  Wow.  Look at those abs!

I want those abs.  Can that be my motivation?  A “towards” motivation: I run so I can have Coach Ani’s abs. Why not, right? Haha!

Here are my photos with Coach Ani after I finished the 10K race of Run United 2. My hair and shirt are still wet from sweat.  Eew.  lol.

How about you, what motivates you? Identify, write it down, and remind yourself often.  I encourage you to reflect on it.  Have fun!


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