You Know You’re a Runner

I often see “You know you’re a runner” eCards in runners’ forums.  Most of the time they are hilarious and true!

Here are some that I could identify with:
You know you’re a runner…
when you’re envious when you see a runner on the road and you’re driving in a car.
when you see a sign on the highway telling how many kilometers an exit is and you think – I could run that!
when you are like a kid-in-a-candy shop at a running store.
for you, the phrase, “it’s all downhill from here” is actually a good thing.
when you have run through your neighborhood so many times that your neighbors’ dogs no longer bark at you.
when you have more running shirts than work shirts.
when you absolutely have no fear of porta potties.
There are more but I have to sleep now.  And if you have new “you know you’re a runner” thoughts, please share them with me.

15 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner

  1. – You know you are a runner if you RUN a PR from a bank to Riovana to register for run events.

    – You know you are a runner if you register for run events totaling 92.195km in one day.

    Perhaps, we should change it to “You know you are a crazy runner if….

    -Joseph Nebrida

  2. Milo + T2K? You're insane! “You know you are a crazy runner if….” deserves another blog post. I have to get ideas from you and Kuya J-Cip because I'm not yet that crazy. “Yet” is the operative word. woohoo!

  3. When the word “proper” makes more sense to you. Talk about proper gear, proper training, proper nutrition, and proper form.

    Forget if your bank account is almost in the red, what's important is that you have the proper gear! 🙂

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