Miss Best in Art

Last night I had this conversation with my son.

Me:     What do you want to be when you grow up?
Gab:    A knife maker.
Me:      But I thought you wanted to be in the military or be a mangka (Japanese for comic artist or cartoonist)?
Gab:    No.  I’m bad at drawing.
Me:     Too bad you didn’t get my talent.

Don’t laugh! I was best in art in kindergarten.  Ok, go ahead you can laugh now.  Haha!
No, really.  In 1973 I was awarded the title best in art in my class.  My teacher even gave me a candy cane for my prize. Ah… good times, good times.
That’s the younger me.

Oh yeah.  Maybe that’s why I draw like I’m still in preschool.  Up to now I’m still basking in my 1973 glory. Haha!

I guess it’s time move on.  I’m now in the look out for art classes for adults in Paranaque, Alabang, or Imus. Would you know of any?


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