The Squat

Two times a week I try to do strength training in the gym because it is important for our overall fitness.

When I trained for my first marathon, I did just a little bit of body-weight exercises. But now I started using weights and I’m loving it.

My current favorite exercise is the squat. I am told to always keep my head up, squeeze my shoulder blades together, engage a neutral spine, and to go parallel with my hips going lower than my knees. Under-execution of the range of movement may result to injury to the spine and spinal muscles. Proper form is of primary importance.

Squats work out the legs, lower back, abs, butt, and arms. It’s a total body work out.  I encourage you to also incorporate this in your training.

This video shows the proper way of squatting.

If you have trouble watching this video, click this link:How to Squat with Proper Form

“Full body weight training and distance running training are what make the human body into the machine it is intended to be. We are designed to be powerful and fast, with tons of endurance. Just running or just lifting are both not the best idea. Your body needs to be fit from top to bottom!”


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