Carrot Cake and Shaun T

This morning I watched Be Careful with my Heart.  It was a nice episode, Sir Chief kissed Maya for the first time.

While I watched, I ate carrot cake from a Tupperware. I was so entertained by the show that I didn’t realize that I had already eaten one and a half slices of cake!  Oh my!  Talk about sugar load.
I felt…
So I went to my room and had a heart to heart with Shaun T.  Yes, it was time for Insanity!
The video started with the warm-up.  “But Shaun T, are you sure that was just a warm-up?” Ok, now I understand why the video was named Insanity.  Argh!
I huffed and puffed. I was about to stop when Shaun T said,
 How did he know? Haha.
After the warm-up came the main work out: Power jumps.
It was insane.  No other word could describe it. It was pure INSANITY.
After 40 minutes Shaun T said,
I hate carrot cakes.

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