Lost in London Part II

Have you heard about Sandemans? It offers free walking tours in different key places like London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris, and Madrid.  It’s a free tour but you’re supposed to give a tip to the guide in the end for what you think the tour is worth.

Our guide, Andy was full of energy and was very knowledgeable about London. He made history sound interesting and funny. At one o’clock in the afternoon we started walking around London from the Arch of Wellington to Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column, the Houses of Parliament, and many other places.

That's Andy with the green cap

That’s Andy with the green cap

There were around 30 people from different nationalities in our group that day. My husband and my son also joined.

When we were nearing the Big Ben, we realized that our son was no longer with the group. I panicked because he didn’t have his mobile phone with him and the crowd around the tower was so thick.  I went back to Churchill’s War Room (where I last saw my son) and my husband stood on the corner across Big Ben. Andy and the rest of the group has moved on to the next stop but my husband and I stayed behind and looked for our son.

When my son couldn’t find us, he approached a policemen and said, “I lost my parents.” He was asked to describe his dad and he said that he was wearing a yellow Northface jacket.  The policeman checked the surveillance cameras and radioed other policemen to watch out for the man in yellow.

To make the long story short, they found my husband.  Apparently he was the only one in London that day who was wearing a bright yellow jacket.

Elizabeth Tower

I thank that policeman.  He was very efficient.  And also Andy, who we never got to tip.  (So sorry Andy!)


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