Bonjour from France!


Last Monday we left London and drove to Paris.  Yep, that’s right, we drove.  We brought along our old and reliable Shogun, mounted the GPS, and then started our adventure. We headed south to Folkstone and crossed the Euro Tunnel via Le Shuttle.

Welcome to France

It was a very long drive but it was a nice way to see the countryside and after settling into our hotel we went around the beautiful Paris.
Arc de Triomphe

It was rather a cloudy day and it even rained a bit towards the evening. It was really windy and chilly! Brr!


lovers in Paris




I told my kids that we should have something fancy, something French for dinner but no!  They just wanted to eat at KFC.  Fail!

After dinner we took one more look at the Eiffel.  Ah, beautiful!

Eiffel Tower

She sparkles.

Eiffel Tower

Goodnight Paris.

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