Ola from Portugal!

Olá from Lisbon, Portugal!

Without knowing it, we actually arrived in Lisbon just in time for Lisbon Week, when the best of what the city could offer would be available to everybody.

Lisbon week

While walking around the city, I saw a lot of people wearing running shirts.  It was quite difficult to know what was going on because of the language barrier.  So I decided to stalk follow them.  😛


Soon I learned that there was going to be a 10Km run around the city.  Oh that made my heart beat a little bit faster.

lisbon urban run

My husband wanted to walk around the plaza but I told him I’d just stay near the starting line and wait for the race to start. After several minutes he returned and handed me a shirt.  He had bought me my own tech T-shirt just like what the runners were wearing.  Yay!  Even if I didn’t run, at least I had the shirt. Woohoo!


At 8:45, they started the warm-up and at exactly 9 pm, the race started. The route was not easy because the city wasn’t flat.

I cheered for the runners but secretly wished I joined them.


When all the runners have crossed the starting line, I was left alone.

few meters before the finish line

few meters before the finish line

urban trailrun

urban trail run


chegada/ finish line

Everybody was still on a celebrating mood but we had to call it a day. Time to head back to the hotel.


Goodnight Lisbon.


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