Ciao Italia!

We drove from the French side…


To the Italian side of the border.



It was a very long drive and we passed through I guess more than a hundred tunnels and very high bridges. Some bridges connect one mountain to another. Once my husband looked down and for a moment he got dizzy. Oh we’ve never seen anything like that before. Scary.

Anyway, our first stop in Italy was in Pisa.


Yes, it leans.

Much to our delight, we were treated to a night of music. There was an orchestra in the tower and the people stood around it to listen.


one of those days when I wished I was good at photography

By the time we reached our hotel, I felt like collapsing, like a truck had run me over. I was exhausted! But it was my first time in Italy and I was excited to see what was out there. Just a night’s sleep and I was ready to go out again.

We spent the night in Florence and in the morning it was fun time at the Barberini Designer Outlet. 🙂 My son wasn’t interested in any of the bag, shoes, or clothes store there.  All he wanted were chocolates. Now that’s a good boy. LOL.

After Florence we headed to Rome.


St. Peter’s Basilica



Goodnight Rome.


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