Travelog: The French Riviera

After a short drive from Nice, we arrived in Saint-Tropez, a lovely town along the coast of the French Riviera.

The water was a bit chilly, nevertheless my sons went in for a dip. It was nice to see them have so much fun in the water.



St-Tropez sand

golden sand under my feet



They say that St-Tropez is a playground for the rich and famous. That was why I was in a look out for some celebrities but sadly, I didn’t recognize one.  Anyway, I was standing in one spot when I saw a nice car…

and another…

and another! Must be nice to drive one of those. Haha!

Moving on, we drove to Monte Carlo, another posh playground of the well-heeled.

There were many people, both locals and tourists when we arrived because there was a fair for yachts and speed boats.




Adjacent to Monte Carlo is Menton, an elegant town near the French-Italian border. I liked Menton, it was full of old buildings with a nice view of the French Riviera, and the food was excellent!




Au revoir, France. Ciao Italia!

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