Switzerland: My Favorite

My son is a knife fanatic. He knows a lot about knives and hopes to make his own brand someday. So for this trip we purposely set a time for him to visit the Swiss Knife Valley in Switzerland.

Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Center displayed the word-famous Swiss Army Knife, the Victorinox. There was a museum where rare knives can be seen, interesting interactive exhibition of the milestones, history and some personalities who used the gadget.  If you’re my age, you’d recognize Richard Dean Anderson from the TV series MacGyver back in 1985-1992.  MacGyver was shot but was saved because the bullet lodged in the Swiss Army Knife in his pocket. 🙂




Of course my son didn’t miss the chance to assemble his own Swiss Army Knife.  He even had it engraved with his name and with the date of assembly.


Oh that made my boy so happy. It was definitely worth the trip.

When we’ve finished touring the museum, we sat and relaxed beside Lake Lucern. Calm, clean, with the fog touching the water. I filled my lungs with the fresh air.  Ah, I loved it.



I loved the mountains, the fog, the water, and the weather so much so that of all the places we visited, Switzerland was my favorite.


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