Good to be Back

I brought my running gear with me, intended to run frequently, and stick with my normal running routine when we went to Europe for a holiday.  But things didn’t work out the way I hoped.  I was only able to run a few times.

But running never escaped my mind.  I always thought about it especially when I knew that my batch mates for TBRDM 2014 have already started their 22-week training. I felt a little guilty.  But instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I did a bit of body weight and balance exercises in my hotel room.

When we were in the London, I bought several run magazines and I just didn’t read them, I studied them.

There was a store in Menton with many run magazines, some with titles that I was not familiar with.  I wanted to buy them but I was very disappointed because they were all in French! Too bad.

Run magazines

In every place that we visited, there were runners. I’d whisper, “Hello runners, I’m one of you.” And then my sons would laugh. I observed them and took note of the brands of their shoes. 🙂  Top brands were Asics and Nike followed by Mizuno and Brooks.  There were runners at 11 am, 1pm, 2pm, which may not sound strange to others but here in Manila, I think the only ones who run on those times are runners training for the Bataan Death March. It’s difficult to run past 8 am here, it’s simply too hot.  I also observed that they didn’t carry hydration bottles.

I took their photos, being careful not to offend any of them because they might not like their photos to be taken. I have a lot, in fact, I have a folder for them in my laptop. Here are some of them:

Green Park, London

Green Park, London


Hyde Park Corner, London

Jardin du Luxemboug, Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris


Lisbon, Portugal


Barcelona, Spain


Segovia, Spain


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Saint Tropez, French Riviera


Lake Como, Italy

Runners were everywhere. Seeing them and not being able to run made me so hungry and eager to get back to running. We came home last week and I slowly eased myself back to training. It was tough, like my previous fitness had left me, and jet lag was a major issue.

Last Monday I went to an island near us to run. Since it was already getting dark, I asked a stranger, a runner, if I could join him.  I found out that he was a member of a team formed by Gilbert Remulla. He was training for the 25K New Balance Run on November 10. He didn’t run-walk, he ran all the way.  So I was forced to run the same way he did or else I’d be left behind in the dark. Sometimes we’d chat, and sometimes we’d keep quiet.  Our feet landed on the ground at the same time. We ran at the same pace. It was exhilarating. Then I realized, I was running again! Woohoo!

‘Twas good to be back. 🙂


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