2nd Bull Session: Confidence Booster

It was only last week when I finally got my TBRDM 2014 welcome kit from my sister Jehan.  In it were my TBR University training shirt (which I love), TBR card, RUN sticker, two TBR magazines, schedule of bull sessions and bull circles, and the marathon training plan.

I studied the training plan and I knew what a mammoth task I had set myself in. The race will be on February 16, 2014 and I had 17 weeks left to train.

My first challenge was to ease myself back to running after a 40-day holiday.  I genuinely felt that my previous fitness had left me because the next day after we arrived from the trip, I only managed to run for 15 minutes.  Thoughts like maybe I should have not signed up for the race entered my mind. But I was encouraged by my batchmates to keep going, which I did, thankfully.  In the next few days I slowly increased my run time to 30 minutes, then to 45 minutes, and then to a full hour.

The second bull session (running session) was scheduled last Saturday.  According to the training plan, we were to run for 70 minutes that day.

But that morning I was a nervous wreck.  I complained that my stomach hurt and I had asthma.  Jehan said, “Kinakabahan ka lang.”  You see, in the TBRDM forum on Facebook, some dreamers post that they were already running 21Km LSDs from the first week of training.  That kind of made me insecure, like I was really too late in the training. But then Jehan reminded me that we should follow and trust the training plan, like what we did last year.

And so despite my hesitations, I joined the morning’s run.  And I was glad I did.  After 70 minutes of running, I had some energy left in me and I didn’t die.  As a matter of fact, I felt great and I got the confidence boost that I could actually go on with the training. 🙂

Thank you Jaymie and batchmates for the fun bull session.

Choose your group.

Choose your group.

1 minute walk

1 minute walk

after 70 minutes of running

after 70 minutes of running

Dreamers crowd Jaymie during the TBR magazine cover photo shoot.

Nobody wanted to leave Jaymie’s side during the TBR magazine photo-shoot 🙂



There are exactly 110 days before race day. So I tell myself: Plan, be patient, and progress.



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