Toe Exercises

I just finished the 3rd of an 18-week beginner’s marathon training plan.  The furthest distance I’ve run so far has only been 12 Km, but I’ve gotten over that feeling that I’ve never run before. Now I just think, “If only I could run a little bit farther.”

Anyway, last night after finishing a five-kilometer run and some core exercises I went home feeling happy and proud of myself. But then I noticed that the fourth toe on my left foot was numb.  It also happened last Saturday after my LSD.

I read a few articles about a numb toe, its causes and treatment. There were actually a number of factors that could cause it: from a tight toe box, incorrect running shoes, to a more serious neuroma. Well, my running shoes had enough toe box. It was probably because my laces were too tight. Upon further research, I found out that there were actually stretching exercises for the toes. I never knew there were until last night!  So I did them and wow, my feet and toes felt better.  You should try them, too!

Click here if you have trouble viewing the video.


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