The Ups and Downs

This evening I dared to do a hill session.

Last Saturday, when I ran with some dreamers in Alabang, I watched them speed up even on the uphills.  They seemed not to care whether the road was flat or inclined.  Wow, they were so strong.  I have read about hill training and it’s importance but since I live where there’s no elevation (think: rice fields), I don’t have a place to do it.

A good hill session will make you a better runner. Fact.

There’s got to be a way. I thought of running on a treadmill but that would be too boring. I mean, the night was so nice, not too humid, and there was a bit of a breeze. The Christmas lights were also up and running inside would be uninspiring.

Christmas is in the air

Christmas lights on the trees

Then I saw a bridge just a few kilometers from our house. “Aha! I could run there,” I thought.  It looked so festive with all the Christmas lights.


After the warm-up, I ran up and down that bridge for 35 minutes. I sprinted on the way up and then jogged on the way down. It was a short bridge, only 120 meters long. So before my legs got tired, I was already on top. It was ok, I guess.  I only wished I had a longer hill.

I actually liked the thrill of trying to run quicker.  There was an old pick up truck that was making its way over the bridge. I raced it.  I won.  Really!  Only because it was too old and was ready to be crushed in a junk yard.  Oh it had a hard time going up. Hahaha!


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