LSD in Nuvali

According to the training plan, we were  to run for 3 hours and 15 minutes  last weekend which was great, considering all the calories we needed to burn after Christmas dinner!  And so we decided to go back to Nuvali for two reasons: first, I didn’t really get to run the course last Bull Session because of asthma.  Second, Pinky (Siver Soul Girl) was home for the holidays and she still hasn’t tried running there. We thought she needed to be familiar to the course so that there won’t be any surprises on race day.

We know that the TBRDM race course is a difficult one with lots of hills and false flats.  To some people, racing on an unfamiliar course can be debilitating.  And because sometimes the unknown makes one fearful, running there will help us in training the brain which is a very important aspect in marathon training.

Again, my brother-in-law volunteered to drive us.  We arrived at 5am.  Brr! It was chilly.


Ok Nuvali, let’s go!

At 8km, we decided to take a break and take a photo with the beautiful Nuvali sunrise.

nuvali sunrise

Photo ops inside concrete sewer pipes? Lol.

game on!

Game on!

finish line

Finish line practice pose



Ok, enough of the clowning around. It was time to get back to serious business.

After 3 hours and 15 minutes we were back from where we started.  Happy that we finished, tired but not fully spent.

Excellent run ladies!


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