Nuvali LSD: Mind Game

We have been warned.  We knew that the training would be difficult.  But still we sought the challenge of running a marathon.


Nuvali. 4:45 am and all is calm.

I had a very difficult start because I was cold and shivering. Brr! I don’t know why but lately I’ve been sensitive to cold temperatures.  I think it comes with age.  Meanwhile, Jehan was having stomach problems. But there was no time to concentrate on the issues. That morning, the goal was to place one foot in front of the other for 20 kilometers.  No excuses.

Running uphills has never been my forte.  I got nervous when I neared the Miriam College hill and when I ran up from Wakepark, my legs screamed, “Lactic acid, lactic acid!”  I just discovered that there’s a steep hill at the end of Nuvali Boulevard just before turning right to Miriam.  Who put it there? I didn’t see that before.  Haha.

Going up…

uphill run

Going down…


The hardest part of the morning’s run was in the Abrio loop. We already finished our water and Gatorade in our Nathan and we needed to go back to the car to rehydrate.  Our minds had to work double time to convince our legs to keep going. It was tough but we endured till the end.

It needed much effort to wake up so early on a cold January morning and go to Nuvali. But we did it because we loved to run, we wanted the scenery, we wanted the challenge, and of course we needed to train. Marathon day was nearing and laziness was not an option.

We trained on the course to prepare ourselves mentally. It is important not just to train the body but also the mind, to endure discomfort, and to continue even when it hurts. Everything should be done in training so that on race day, we will know how to quiet that voice that will say, “Stop, stop, stop!”

Third LSD in Nuvali: Done!


2 thoughts on “Nuvali LSD: Mind Game

  1. My favorite phrase, “place one foot in front of the other.” Seems easy enough but if you have to do it for many, many kilometers, it can become daunting. But as you said, nobody forced you to sign up for a marathon and, you have been warned.
    Oh wow, time flies! One month to go! Exciting!

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