The Gift of Health

If you told me 14 years ago that I’d be running 27 kilometers on my 46th birthday, I’d say you we’re nuts.

Back then, I was chronically fatigued and a regular visitor to hospital emergency rooms.

Who would have thought I’d live another day after March 30, 2000?  It was the day I watched two doctors, a cardiologist and a pulmonologist, talk to my husband.  I couldn’t hear them but their faces were grim as I was wheeled to the ICU.  To this day, that scene is still vivid in my mind. *Shivers*

Who would have thought I could run after March 7, 2007?  Again, in the emergency room, they found out that my potassium level was at a very low 1.9 mEq/L. Read about it HERE and HERE.

Last Saturday was my 46th birthday and I ran 27 kilometers in Nuvali!  Yes, that’s right. After 27 kilometers my legs were still strong.  I was truly amazed.


Praise God.  He has once again proven Himself faithful to me.

birthday cake

We will all know “storms” in our life and whatever the reason, we can be certain that the storm that comes our way is no random weather front. It’s been sent for a clear purpose. It is to transform us, yielding and trusting Him fully as He gradually molds and reshapes us into His Image. And when caught up in such a tempest, our prayer should simply be, “Lord, help me to be purposefully caught up in Your purpose.”   Dennis K. Legaspi


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