Home alone last Wednesday night, I had a bad asthma attack.  I was in bed playing Bejeweled on my iPad when suddenly, I was coughing nonstop and my breathing was very labored. Uh, oh, an attack.  “This can’t be happening!  It’s so close to marathon day,” I thought.

Earlier that day, I went to the gym, hopped on the treadmill and ran for three minutes.  Yes, only three minutes and I couldn’t do it anymore. My right calf was so painful and still very tight from my last LSD.  So, I thought I’d just cross-train and lift weights.  Bench press, shoulder press, hyperextension, hamstring curls, medicine ball swings, bridge with swiss ball, and planks.  I was super, super tired when I finished.

When I went home, I felt sad because my husband and kids were not there. They attended a “men-only” birthday party.  Anyway, there was no prepared food in the house and I was too tired to fix myself a proper meal. I ate two hotdogs.  I know!  I’m supposed to be following the TBR’s Clean & Mean Routine but… no, I have no excuse.  I was lazy. I failed.  And I think the hotdogs triggered my attack… too much preservatives.  Yes, I’m blaming it on the hotdogs.  Boo!

My friend Adel, who is also training for TBRDM, is also an asthmatic runner.  He said last year, two weeks before race day, he also had an attack.  He encouraged me to rest so I can make it to the start line healthy and strong. But can I really make it?  I had doubts.  The wheezing sounded very bad.


My bedside companion.

I prayed to God for healing.  I really wanted to run this marathon.

The next night, my husband took me out for a walk on the island a few kilometers from our house.  He thought that the  salty ocean air would be good for my lungs.  The night was not as chilly as the previous nights but it was very windy.  We walked for forty minutes.  It was nice.


out on a windy night

For the next few days I drank salabat (fresh ginger and I added garlic for a little kick). I did not like the smell but it was soothing to my throat!


ginger and garlic

all natural medicine in a cup

all-natural medicine in a cup

Then last Saturday, I attended a 90-minute yoga class in Alabang. I thought it would help ease the tightness in my right calf and the breathing exercises beneficial. After the class, I went straight to my old bedroom in my parent’s house and slept like a baby for hours.  That class was so tiring and yet so relaxing.  The tightness in my calf is now a thing of the past.

Photo credit: Ken Mendola

Photo credit: Ken Mendola

That's Teacher Carol demonstrating some serious poses. Photo credit: Ken Mendola

That’s Teacher Carol demonstrating a difficult pose.
Photo credit: Ken Mendola

January 27 to February 2, three weeks before marathon day, my run mileage is ZERO. Can you believe that? Ugh!

But I feel a lot better now and I have good news. This afternoon I went to see my doctor and yes, I got the go signal. She issued me a certificate that I am fit to run the marathon. Hurray!

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