I’m Back

I’ve been away from the blog for quite a bit but now I’m back and I’ve stories to tell.

One very early morning last March while my husband was in Davao for a business trip, I had another vomiting episode.  (Something bad always happens to me when he is away!)


The left side of my chest was very painful and the pain radiated to my arm. My sister suspected that I had a stroke so I went to see my doctor and had a battery of tests done:  X-ray, 2D-echo, stress test, and blood tests. My doctor advised me not to exercise or do any strenuous activity until all the test results were back.

As it turned out, I did not have a stroke but my blood pressure was high, my heart was enlarged, and I had irregular heartbeats.  So I was given two kinds of medicines: one for my blood, and the other for my heart.

I was very sad when I left the doctor’s office.  How can I be hypertensive when I was living an active lifestyle?  As a matter of fact, I just finished running a marathon two weeks prior! Was it even possible?

Well, yes. Because I have a positive family history for hypertension and diabetes, I’m predisposed and at my age, the risk is higher.
After a week of medication, I went back to see my doctor and she gave me a list of what I can and cannot eat. 😦 But the good news was I got a go signal to start exercising again.

ven if my blood pressure was still erratic, that week, I went back to the gym.  I only lifted light weights as I was afraid that I’d faint. But this week, I dared to add some more weight to my bench press, squats, and overhead press.


Oh my body was sore the next day. When I trained for the marathon, my body was always sore after a long run. I absolutely loved that feeling. It was like a badge of honor for doing something well, and then I realized, I missed being sore! Am I making any sense?  Haha.


I will continue to lead an active lifestyle because I still can. Like the tagline of this blog, I am still grateful for the gift of health and fitness.


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