Random Stories from my Mobile Phone

I was looking through my mobile phone photos and here are some of them. Lots of randomness coming your way.

Sunset. My favorite time of the day to run.

sunset run

Bought myself a new pair of shoes.  I love ’em!


SM “killer” stairs. Sometimes I do a little bit of cross training before I buy my groceries.

sm stairs

Honey barbecue ribs.  Lunch date with the hubby in Tagaytay.Lunch date

Tofu hot pot. Protein for last Sunday’s lunch.tofu hotpot

Sawadika!  Eating Thai food for dinner and wishing we were in Bangkok.
thai food
I’m in the market for a new oven.  Which one is better, electric or gas?oven

Crab with tomato sauce and herbs.  Nothing beats home-cooked meals.cook at home

Attended a seminar by Francis Kong.  Inspirational.Francis Kong

The Condura Skyway Marathon medal.  You will soon be mine.condura skyway marathon medal


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